DOING MORE. It’s how we created our history of firsts. It’s why we developed the world’s first transvenous cardiac pacemaker and performed the world’s first coronary bypass. Doing more put us at the forefront of treating cancer with highly targeted therapies. It made us one of only a few hospitals in the U.S. performing surgeries on babies before they’re born. It built one of the most active and successful transplant centers in the country.

Doing more at Montefiore and our Albert Einstein College of Medicine means over 500 clinical trials in progress. And it’s why we’re expanding in Westchester and the Hudson Valley, where Montefiore’s state-of-the-art healthcare is now just down the road from you.

DOING MORE. It’s how we’re creating the future of your healthcare.

Montefiore presents Corazón

See how we gave Elena a fighting chance to live. Based on a real-life patient story.

Montefiore Hospital History


See how we got Eric back on the diamond.

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